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Solid Scentsare revolutionary fragrance products made by joining state of the art fragrance technology with nature.  Solid Scentsare so unique and superior that they are patented (U.S. Pat. 5,041,421).  Basically, this new discovery is that common salt in a specialized patented form can be used to enhance one’s sense of smell the way salt enhances taste.  This is why Solid Scents™ smell so strong and natural.

Solid Scents™ are the only all-purpose air freshener and deodorizer in one product.  This is why they are so convenient for you!  They are dry to the touch and require no external energy to naturally freshen the air.  Solid Scents™ are specially formulated to automatically turn on and off according to the amount of unfragranced air in the area.  Solid Scents™ also increase their release of fragrance as the amount of fresh air movement increases.  This is why Solid Scents™ can last up to three months under normal room conditions and certain fragrances may even last much longer.  Solid Scents™ have a built-in fragrance indicator (when the fragrance is depleted, the surface will turn total white and powdery).  You can also increase the fragrance by spreading out or using more crystals in an area.  Also, gently stirring the crystals allows new surface areas to fragrance.

By utilizing salt as the primary component, we are dealing with one of the safest ingredients possible.  Salt is on everyone’s skin, you sweat salt, you have salt in your blood, you were even born in a salt-water solution!  Many people will go to the ocean to breathe the fresh salt air to heal, cleanse, and purify their lungs!  In fact, if the fragrant component was taken out, the remaining base would be non-allergenic, totally food grade, and non-nutritive.  Being non-nutritive provides a clean, safe product that will not attract insects or decay.

Because Solid Scents™ smell so wonderful, you may be concerned someone may eat one.  Don’t worry; they are non-toxic and taste awful!  Solid Scents™ contain less than 1% fragrance by weight, yet they smell stronger and are longer lasting than the original concentrated fragrant oil they were made from.  This is primarily due to the fragrance enhancement by the salt ingredient.

Solid Scents™ are formed in a safe, solid, convenient pellet size.  Because they are a solid, they can be glued to crafts for scenting and color.  Solid Scents™ are safe to use in ashtrays because they are non-flammable.  Solid Scents™ are fantastic for deodorizing garbage or waste cans, diaper pails, and other such problem areas.  Solid Scents™ are totally water-soluble and can even be simmered a few at a time in your simmer pot.  If re-crystallization should occur, simply add more water.  Remember to always follow your simmer pot directions and use plenty of fresh water for peak performance.  Solid Scents™ can also be used to create your own favorite scents by simply combining different scented Solid Scents™.

Solid Scents™ can be used to deodorize animal areas or even vacuum cleaner bags.  Please see our list of suggested uses on the sides of our box or create your own ideas – the possibilities are endless!

Over all, Solid Scents™ are all purpose, long lasting, non-toxic, nonflammable, environmentally safe, 100% biodegradable, virtually non-melting, yet totally water soluble, clean and convenient, made in the U.S.A., cruelty free (no animal testing), and even packaged by the disabled.  Now, anyone who wishes can enjoy fragrances conveniently and safely, anywhere, anytime!

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