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OUT OF PRINT - HARDCOVER - This book is out of print and the author passed away many years ago.  The value has dramatically increased in recent years due to demand, some are listed at $1500.00.  Written by the editor of HOMEOPATHY TODAY, the magazine of the National Center for Homeopathy, this book is the most comprehensive review ever written on almost every homeopathic book and journals published. --


In 1905, William Harvey King, MD, wrote a four-volume history of homeopathy in the United States — The History of Homœopathy and Its Institutions in America .It was to remain the only work on the subject for 66 years. Then, in 1971 Martin Kaufman wrote his scholarly work, Homeopathy: The Rise and Fall of a Medical Heresy. It was followed, in 1973, by Harris Coulter's Divided Legacy: Science and Ethics in American Medicine 1800-1914.

Coulter's book, told us nothing of the decline of homeopathy through the 1920s. Kaufman, while discussing the critical period of 1920-1960, saw little hope of homeopathy surviving for more than another 10 years.

Yet, homeopathy arose from the ashes in the early 1970s, and has risen to a place of prominence in the health care field, world-wide. The Faces of Homœopathy is the first book to tell the whole story— from Hahnemann through the contemporary homeopaths in the 1990s. Through a narrative laced with 137 biographies, 365 illustrations, numerous anecdotes, and many personal reflections, the fascinating history of homeopathy, with its primary focus on The United States and England, comes to life.

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