FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Abbreviation Meanings
1.1 There is an abbreviation in the name of an item, what does it mean?

There is a listing of abbreviations used on this site and by Mari-Mann at the link Abbreviation Meanings

1.2 What does the abbreviation "(m1)" in the item name mean?

This abbreviation means that the minimum order for this item is 1.

Additionally, any number contained within similar abbreviations "(m#)" indicates that this is the minimum order for this item.  If this affects your order, it will either be indicated when ordering or when processing your order.

1.3 What does the "(+$3 ASR)" at the end of an items name mean?

This abbreviation means that an Additional Shipping charge of $3.00 is required for this item. 

Most items qualify for free shipping, but there are exceptions.  Items that are much heavier or larger than average are subject to an Additional Shipping Required (ASR).  This charge is determined by weight and/or size. The dollar amount shown in the abbreviation is the amount that will be added to your order for each item to cover any excess shipping fees.  

In the event any ASR charges are greater than the actual shipping costs, the amount in excess of the shipping costs will be credited to your account after we process your order. 

The ASR is based on gross weights and/or size of products: Supplements weighing 20 ounces or more; Grocery items weighing 10 ounces or more; General Merchandise weighing 15 ounces or more; or items measuring more than 11 inches in height, length or width, will be subject to ASR fees.

Additional abbreviation meanings can be found by clicking Abbreviation Meanings