NATURES PLUS HUPERZINE RX-BRAIN 30 TB (m3) [s379/r610d12/22] (di) -S

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Huperzine Rx-Brain® Tablets

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Product No. 4981 - 30 Count Bottle (30 Servings)

Advanced Therapeutics Huperzine Rx-Brain®, from NaturesPlus, is a precisely calibrated nutritional formulation born from leading-edge scientific studies and clinical evaluation. Each tablet provides pure Huperzine-A, the active neuronutrient found in the rare species of Chinese moss, Huperzia serrata. Huperzine Rx-Brain® source ingredient, club moss, is hand-picked by trained horticultural specialists who select only the best plant specimens for consistent maximum potency. Huperzine Rx-Brain® is a neuronutrient whose active ingredient is verified for purity and potency at each stage of production, including: extraction, manufacture, and tableting. Rx-Brain® is a unique specialty formula designed for any individual concerned with promoting optimal brain function.

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